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League Information

This league was founded right before the 2003 season. That first year was rough with a lot of turnover in GMs and with those running the league. There was the possibility of that first season not even being finished. But several faithful owners stuck with it, and now, over a dozen years later the league is running strong. We're all learning as we go, but our record keeping has gotten better, our rules have become more precise, and we believe we've formed a strong community of owners and friends.

We still have 30 teams to keep the league realistic, and each team consists of up to 25 active and 30 reserve players. Each summer we run a four round amateur draft, we have a free agency bidding system along with another one-round Winter Draft, waivers, trade deadlines, and simulate once a week to give all owners time to update their line-ups.

League Updates

November 17, 2015
We are currently looking for four new owners to take over the Cleveland, Houston, Kansas City, and Minnesota frachises. If you or someone you know is interested, please email the committee here.

December 1, 2015
We anticipate the league will re-open for business on this date. The new, offseason, rosters should be released by then and teams can start making trades. We will also be releasing an offseason calendar at that time.

Quick Hits

World Champions
We have just completed the 2015 season! Once again, Toronto has won the World Series. The third time since the inception of the league. Congratulations, Tracy.