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League Information

This league was founded right before the 2003 season. That first year was rough with a lot of turnover in GMs and with those running the league. There was the possibility of that first season not even being finished. But several faithful GMs stuck with it, and now, several years later the league is running strong. We're all learning as we go, but our record keeping has gotten better, our rules have become more precise, and we believe we are one of the most realistic leagues out there.

We still have 30 teams to keep the league realistic, and each team consists of up to 25 active and 25 reserve players. Each summer we run a three round amateur draft, we have a free agency bidding system, waivers, trade deadlines, and simulate once a week to give all GMs time to update their line-ups.

We have just begun the 2012 Free Agency period! Make sure you are checking the message board often to see how it is going.

League Updates

February 2, 2012
We are still looking for one GM to take over our vacant Detroit Tigers franchise. The team has been through several GMs over the past few years, but they still have a young core, with Bryce Harper and Josh Bell as two key prospects. Plus, they have a nice active roster just waiting for a new GM to mold the team into something great.

January 28, 2012
Free Agency is again upon us! Make sure you are checking the message boards daily for all your free agency news and high bids. Remember, we are moving the league away from email, and trying to centralize everything on the message boards.

Quick Hits

World Champions
The Baltimore Orioles have finally broken through and won their first NSBL World Series. They dominated the Chicago Cubs in five games to bring home the Championship. Congratulations, Ty!